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For those wondering what my minecraft skin is, well it’s based on the lovely David Tennant when he was in Doctor Who. He will always be my Doctor.

(Also sneak peaks at some new and old artwork in the background!)

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Attempting to transit to the xbox version as the computer version keeps crashing for me. I am shockingly slow while I get use to the new controls and shorter action reach so heres a basic design of the lovable catbug!

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Sorry for the lack of activity (or minecraft related activity) on here.

Been really busy due to it being my final year of uni.

Fear not I have got some ideas I’m going to work on and upload next month so stay tuned. Until then heres an ideas/ builds dump.

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Handsome Solid Large Pockets Double-Zip Design Polyester Hooded Spring Sweater For Men

Omgomg I thought it was going to be like $90 but it’s like $15 and also comes in gray?!????!


omg this website, I WANT THESE CLOTHES

nothing seems to come in size small, but….the models are all super skinny like me and it’s foreign so maybe a medium would fit?

oh dear, my need to save money is competing with my need to be fashionable


It is indeed and I can’t find the got damn real manufacturer someone help requesting assistance

Oh shit balls…..I found this on ebay and bought one…..I can usually find jackets for the price they were selling in town and thought nothing of it. Fuck, I was hoping to have it for my birthday, it even came with a tracker. Just clicked on it and it doesn’t work, double fuck. They have a 98% rating and apparently I’m suppose to recieve it between the 22nd and the 30th. I’ll wait and see but this is worrying the shit out of me now.

Ok, it’s the 2nd of May and thankfully it’s arrived. First off, it was suppose to arrive between the 22nd and the 30th, and was two days after that I recieved it. Then again I can’t hold them to that, the postal service is very questionable. Secondly it is far FAR brighter than the picture shows. Above is a deep red, where as it is actually the same bright shade as say the noses for red nose day.

All in all I have nothing really to complain about. For a medium it fits me rather well, especially when I was guessing at the sizes, I like the colour anyway (though this is probably the brightest thing I own now) and for £13.88 with free shipping it was a bargin!

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Run Ponies Run!








Finally my OC’s can join in too!

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Project Name: The Musical Bronies (Part 1)

Geeky Link: The Living Tombstone, known for excellent songs such as Discord and Good ol’ Days along side Glaze aka WoodenToaster, who has also done fantastic music such as Rainbow Factory and Beyond Her Garden. They also collaberate together to create tunes like Love Me Cheerilee.

Time to make: Tombstone: 5 - 6 hours ; Glaze: 6 - 7 hours

New project of mine to minecraft some of my favourite bonies/ OC’s (requests are open) and I thought I’d start with two of the top brony song makers. Both came out well, I especially like how the diamond and gold worked. However they had their difficult parts and I hope I have time to retry some things with them; such as Tombestones cutie mark and Glazes hair ( I tried to follow the same route I did for Vinyl’s and it had mixed results, a wonderful challenge though!) Also I realise now Glaze is the smaller of the two, don’t know if that’s true in real life, but I wasn’t aiming to do this. Blame it on perspective.

Vectors used (I only pixelate and recreate in Minecraft)

Living Tombestone             WoodenToaster

Part 2 & 3 (COMING SOON)

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I decided to redo the first pony I ever pixcelated on Minecraft well over a year ago and this is the outcome!

It’s always weird do a comparison between then and now, but I’m really amazed at how far I’ve come in making art on this program.

I know I haven’t posted in a very long time, for which I apologise, but I will hopefully be doing the odd creation when I have the time and inspiration!

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Sorry for the lack of updates on this channel, life and university have been keeping me very busy! But stay tuned for some new minecraft designs I’ve been working on!

P.S I am still looking for more designs to do, so if you have an idea, just drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

P.P.S 100th post! Woop! Thank you to all of my 53 followers for clicking that little button up top. Means alot to me :)

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Project Name: Princess Mi Amore Cadenza

Geeky Link: Princess Cadance from My Little Pony, seen in the two-part finale of Season 2. (Original design can be found here)

Time to make: 4 - 5 hours

Requested by ask-ichigo-smoshberry

Also got a request? Drop me a message!

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Can you please do a 8-bit Princess cadance alone and then tweet the picture to me ?((@pxl_twilight))
gerardwayvevo asked

I personally don’t like twitter so don’t have an account, but I will upload it onto here as soon as I make her. I already know I can do her colours so it shouldn’t take me too long :)